The first time I became overcome by photography was in 2003, when I first pressed the shutter button of my DSLR Canon EOS 500n. This was still in the era of photographic films. The unforgettable anxiety felt when waiting for the results of the developed films was priceless. Up until 2006 I kept using cameras with films, but then it was time to take a step forward. Canon EOS 350d turned my photographic world digital. Until 2009 I navigated my way through photography without getting any formal education. Then the time was right to upgrade my knowledge of photography and other media, so I enrolled into the Institute and academy of multimedia, programme Media production. The next two unforgettable years were filled with acquiring new knowledge and enjoying the world of multimedia. Rajko Bizjak and Lado Jakša were my mentors and my source of photographic knowledge. I owe all my technical knowledge of studio photography and expression in authorial photography to them. During this period I also started to cooperate with musicians such as Neisha, Nermin Puškar, bands Panda, Elevators, Muff, Arche, Eroika, MojcArt, InQuartet, Soul Jazz and jaz, … I directed my photography style primarily to studio, portrait, and mostly concert photography, which enables me to eternalise my great love of music with my camera. The biggest shift in my career happened when I switched from Canon to Sony. Since 2013 I have been the ambassador of this brand and it offers me huge confirmation and gives me unbelievable energy for further work. Currently I´m working in a great team of music lovers in a leading rock music media in Slovenia called Rockline as a photographer and reporter.

I hope my photographic story doesn’t end soon. I kindly invite you to take a look at my reference work and follow my photographic activity.

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